An Economic Engine to Benefit Westchester County

“Knowing there are people who don’t even know me and still decided to support my dream meant a lot to my family. Thank you again for believing in me.” – Luana Nahue Cordova, Class of 2019

Annually, SUNY WCC’s presence in Westchester County results in $585.6 million in income added in the county and supports 5,837 total jobs in the county.

WCC is Westchester County’s leader in workforce training, focusing on job readiness in high-demand occupations. Local and regional companies value our career pathway academics, which become a pipeline to certificate and degree programs and meet employers’ demand for a skilled workforce. Vital corporate and foundation partnerships benefit WCC, the business community and, ultimately, our region’s economy.

Ways to Partner

  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Sponsorship and Branding
  • Corporate Volunteerism
  • Business Development and Employee Training
  • Career Development/Job Recruitment

For more information, please contact Ilene Lieberman, Senior Director of Development, (914) 606-6834