An Economic Engine to Benefit WCC, the Business Community and Ultimately our Region’s Economy

Annually, SUNY WCC’s presence in Westchester County results in $585.6 million in income added in the county and supports 5,837 total jobs in the county.

WCC is Westchester County’s leader in workforce training, focusing on job readiness in high-demand occupations.

An evolving infrastructure forges and sustains the vital corporate partnerships that benefit WCC, the corporations and, ultimately, our economy.

Local and regional companies value our career pathway academics, which become a pipeline to certificate and degree programs and continuing education.

Ways to Partner

  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Sponsorship and Branding
  • Corporate Volunteerism
  • Business Development and Employee Training
  • Career Development/Job Recruitment

For more information, please contact Ilene Lieberman, Senior Director of Development, (914) 606-6834

“Knowing there are people who don’t even know me and still decided to support my dream meant a lot to my family. Thank you again for believing in me.”

– Luana Nahue Cordova, Class of 2019